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Yoast SEOs PHP Upgrade Nag is Producing a Significant Increase in Sites Upgrading to PHP 7 - WP Tavern.
Who wouldnt want to know? This would be convenient in core for every EOL version of PHP. Regular users arent likely to know that their host has dropped the ball. April 10, 2017 at 4:28: PM. Kudos to Yoast SEO!
Your WordPress Yoast SEO Cheat Sheet Distilled.
Login or register. Login Reset password. Not signed up yet? Login Register Now. Your WordPress Yoast SEO Cheat Sheet. By Sergey Stefoglo. Published January 26, 2016 in the SEO category. WordPress is an open source CMS that allows for the creation and management of simple websites that tend to work well across all browsers and devices. WordPress actually started out as a blogging platform similar to Tumblr or Medium, and evolved into a complete CMS in 2003. Its worthy of note that WordPress powers about a quarter of the worlds websites. Before we continue, I think its important to address the fact that WordPress tends to get a bad rep around certain audiences. The reasoning for this tends to be around the fact that creating and maintaining a WordPress website is generally easier than say Joomla or Drupal. Another reason for this might have to do with WordPress being the less-secure option out of the popular content management systems. This blog isnt going to address these opinions, but I think everyone would agree that WordPress has made tremendous improvements to their system and that it is becoming hard to ignore not to mention 25 of all websites use WordPress.
MonsterInsights - The Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.
Our users insert a single license key regardless of how many addons they have installed into the settings panel, which enables the same 1 click updates you're' used to from any other WordPress plugin. Support is available via the Support tab of the My Account page on this site. Does MonsterInsights work on WordPress MultiSite? MonsterInsights works perfectly with WordPress MultiSite, both network activated and activated on individual sites. The automatic updates also work for MultiSite as well. Do you offer refunds? If you are not completely satisfied with MonsterInsights after 14 days, you can request a refund and we will give you 100 of your money back - no questions asked. Need Help Growing Your Business? Take a look at our MonsterInsights Blog for tips tricks on how to Grow Your Business. How to Enable WordPress Breadcrumbs Step by Step. How to Track Top Selling Products in Google Analytics.
Yoast SEO 4.5 URGES users to upgrade to PHP 7.
De Valk decided to encourage users to use Yoast SEO, which he estimates at 6,5, million active installations, in order to push web hosts to upgrade their clients to PHP 7. The latest version of the plugin displays a notice to administrators of WordPress sites that are running PHP version 5.2, urging them to upgrade to PHP 7.
seoblog Forums Yoast SEO Support.
Then I installed Yoast Test helper plugin and clicked on reset indexable tables migrations and then this link was set to another language - the language which Im currently at in the frontend. But its fixed to this language. No matter if I change the language on the website.
yoast/wordpress-seo - Packagist.
We work particularly well with: The WordPress block editor or 'Gutenberg' editor The official AMP plugin, which changes your templates to use the 'AMP' HTML format Googles Web Stories plugin, which helps you to create ' web' stories’: The Advanced Custom Fields plugin, when you also activate the ACF Content Analysis for Yoast SEO plugin The Elementor website builder Zapier which helps you automate your publishing flow Algolia integration to improve the quality of your site search WordProof which helps you prove ownership by adding timestamps BUG REPORTSDo you want to report a bug for Yoast SEO? Best to do so in the WordPress SEO repository on GitHub Please note that GitHub is not a support forum and issues will be closed if they dont meet the bug requirements READ MOREWant more information on search engine optimization and Yoast SEO?
Remove Nag after Yoast SEO Plugin Updates Maddison Designs.
Let me know in the comments if youve found this helpful or if you know of any other plugins that display annoying nags. SEO, WordPress, Yoast SEO. Share this post. 20 responses on Remove Nag after Yoast SEO Plugin Updates. Justin August 1, 2015 at 1244: am. This is super-handy and a great idea. I love that youre still requiring that users view the update, but after that, the neg should be removed.
How to over-ride meta data in Wordpress - PHP - SitePoint Forums Web Development Design Community.
I am trying to write an over-ride for this - I did find one for Yoast SEO listed here - but this is not working, assumedly because wpseo_title is a filter specific to Yoast. My current code is.: php get_header; if is_archive add_filter 'wpseo_metadesc', filter_product_wpseo_metadesc' function filter_product_wpseo_metadesc $wpseo_metadesc if is_singular product' $wpseo_metadesc This" is a big test of stuff" return $wpseo_metadesc?;
Plugin Requirements Yoast.
Requirements for Premium plugins. Yoast SEO supports the two latest versions of WordPress for both our free and premium plugins. PHP is a scripting language used for web development. For Yoast SEO to run properly, you should have a PHP version of 5.6.20 or higher.

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